Pentagram – The Ghoul

On endless nights my need to roam
I’ve come to desecrate your bones
As maggots crawl amongst your flesh
You’re soon to meet the truth of death

My wants are few to reach my quest
You’re bound to feel my cold request
Now my dear you soon shall see
The dying living truth of me

Cause I’m not living
You soon will be giving
So I can die on

From far away and from the near
My finest clients buried here
For once you’ve shared your death with me
A ghoul I shall forever be

But I must sleep before the dawn
And then my work will carry on
Once you’ve come to grips with me
A ghoul I know you’ll always be

Cause I’m not living no
You’ll soon be giving
So I can die on
Chosen one
Cause I’m not the living
You soon will be giving
So I can die on yeah!
Aaah chosen one!

2 thoughts on “Pentagram – The Ghoul

  1. Heya! I’ll bookmark your new (renewed) webpage for further reading! Will you cross-post your entries to LJ, or are you absolutely finished there? I’ve finally started working on updating there again, too! But you definitely seem happier with this page, and I can still find your updates here. Everything looks really great; you’ve created a terrific layout. Looking forward to your continued updates.

    P.S.:What does your header read, by the way?

    1. Hey Hilary! Glad you found your way to my new journal. I’m probably finished with making updates on LiveJournal and plan to only stay active here. That’s not to say I won’t possibly go back to LiveJournal one day, all depending on how long I keep this up. Of course, I’m regretful that you’re finally getting set back up on there just as I’m leaving, but I will certainly visit your page, regardless! Also, thank you for the compliments, they’re always appreciated!

      My header is Theban for Morbid. It’s actually in reference to Dead’s first band, you could find this word written on his jacket – which is where I ripped it off, hehe.

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