Shark Party

Well, I had originally expected to spend the majority of my weekend in but ended up only spending a quiet Friday alone.

My sister, Amy, had invited me out to an event in Ybor on Saturday night, which I planned on doing, but then I heard from my friend, Niki, whom I hadn’t caught up with for close to a year.

Every year she throws a shark party to celebrate shark week, it’s always ridiculous and fun. She and her husband are the most socially outgoing people I know, and her parties are always huge. There had to have been close to 100 people there, and an eclectic group of people they were! All different nationalities, professions and ages, from 20s to 70s.

It was kind of hell for me. I wasn’t in the most social mood and I was really overwhelmed. I ended up finding the quietest nook somewhere along the stairwell and hung out there for awhile. Regretting that I didn’t take more pictures. It was still nice catching up with Niki though; I ended up only spending a couple hours there before heading over to Stephen’s.

Turns out he cut his trip down to Miami short. He was in a car accident on Friday just before he was to head out. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt, but he totaled the work vehicle when he rear ended a trailer hitch. Then his drummer bailed at the last minute when they told him there wasn’t room for his girlfriend. So Eli had to play drums, which he’d never rehearsed before, and they had no bassist. I’m glad, it still worked out for them though.

CJ, Adam, Meghan, Sheena, and John Carlo ended up getting stuck on the side of the road coming home that night and had to wait until 9am to go buy a spare tire. So that kind of sounded like a nightmare scenario.

Monday night Stephen stopped by on his way home from Plant City. He seemed to have a lot on his mind, it was nice that he opened up and trusted me to listen.

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