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It’s been a minute since I’ve updated. Been busy with the usual, work. Overtime, doctor’s appointments, metal shows. I’m usually spending my weekends out in Tampa hanging out with the guys. A couple weeks ago we scouted locations to do a photo shoot for their record release (hopefully in October). Last weekend, there was a get together at Giancarlo’s house. He made homemade blood sausage and ham empanadas from scratch. Insanely good. We drank, played Mario Kart, and watched Austin Powers, lol. They headed down to Miami today to play a show at Churchill’s. Pretty crazy, what with a category 5 hurricane rolling in.



SHOT | The Brass Mug

Downtown Tampa

Florida ‘gator!

Dick ‘n Nuggets

Rixe (Oi from France) | The Hub

Giancarlo’s wolf spider

In the event of a hurricane. . .

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