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Fourth of July 2017

This is my first -official- personal post since having to uproot and move from LiveJournal. I feel (kind of) like I’m betraying LiveJournal, as that has been my “home” for my photo journaling, on and off, since 1999. However, I feel like I became somewhat stagnant with sticking to the familiar and fell into the habit of using archaic tools. Jon helped hook me up with my old domain and a place to host; I’m thankful with him for that! This is my first attempt at building a blog, so this is the bare bones of trying to tweek something into a decent place to post my photography, book reviews, etc. I’ve struggled a little bit with the available themes, but I think I managed to find something workable.


Drunken pictures from (mostly) the 4th of July weekend and beyond!

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