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Fire Pit | Baltimore

I’ve been really slacking on the personal posts lately. I find that I haven’t been taking my camera around with me much, as of late. My weekends have been fun but crazy. 17 September, I saw Inquisition play at the Orpheum. I ended up getting a little more drunk than I wanted and wish I had been more present for the show; according to my insanely sore neck the following day I had a blast! Then I caught Venom, Inc at the end of the month.

The following weekend, Eli and Chloe threw birthday parties for Adam and Jenn, who’s birthdays were a week apart. They did a fire pit in the backyard and burned most of the debris from the hurricane. It was a fuckload of fun.

The first week of October, I was forced to use the rest of my vacation time; I took a trip up north to Baltimore to visit some friends. Checked out a dark wave/goth night, drank, and mostly relaxed. Unfortunately, I missed Stephen’s birthday, but I didn’t want to risk spending my time off cooped up in my apartment.

I went to see Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter this past Friday with Stephen, and then crashed a house party afterwards. I’m still recovering from those shenanigans! This coming weekend, Stephen and I are going to see Demons play at Tampa Theatre, part of the birthday present I got him. Afterwards, his band is playing at a storage unit in Tampa. Should be another insane weekend!


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