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Beasts of Prey: The Hard Truth About Men | The Power of the Blonde: Cracking Down on Men’s Control

Beasts of Prey asserts that men cannot be bound in lengthy relationships for good without crossing the line from time to time. The writer refers to well established theories, social, and biological research on men’s hormonal and psychological structures to show how men’s inclination to have sex with multiple women outside their bonds is at the heart of the matter. Beasts of Prey delves into the basics of males’ cheating habits, tactics and schemes, and their sexual, social and cultural monopoly in the world. Following history of relationships from ancient times to the Internet revolution of our postmodern generation, Beasts of Prey exposes the stereotypes that lurk beneath the surface of male manipulated societies and their cultural taboos.¬†

The Power of the Blonde¬†continues the philosophical journey into the “sexist wiring” of men’s minds and their sexual, social, and cultural monopoly in the world following history of relationships, female sexuality, and women’s liberation. Tracing back to the origins of some notorious stereotypes, such as the Dumb Blonde, the writer debunks some myths about the “weaker sex,” and lays bare the truth behind the chivalrous acts of womanizers such as Casanova and Don Juan. Exposing the misleading tactics of male cheaters and their cover-up ploys, the writer takes on some persistent double standards and challenges “sexual vices” such as promiscuity, prostitution, and masturbation. From sexual discrimination toward total emancipation of women’s bodies and women’s minds, The Power of the Blonde¬†explores the variations in female’s body image from ancient times to our postmodern generation, empowering women to break free and win in today’s world.

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