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Largo | Orlando

There hasn’t been too much going on these past few weeks. Or rather, there has been, it’s just been more or less the same thing (not complaining!)

Last weekend,¬†Funeral System, Grave Ascension, and Vacuous Depths¬†played out in Largo at Sneaky’s Bar. I snapped a few photos, but it wasn’t the best venue as far as aesthetics and lighting goes. I’ve been feeling socially exhausted, I spent most of the night relaxing outside by myself. Randomly, there was a “zazz” band playing, it was unique, kind of chaotic and lent a surreal feel to the night. It was pleasant.

This past Friday, I spent the night with Stephen, Eli, Jenn, Chloe and Adam. We hit up the arcade then stopped by Legion on the way home. Stephen headed to Jacksonville Saturday afternoon as Shot was playing a show that night, so I had to cut my weekend short with him.

Sunday, Danielle invited me and Chloe up to Orlando for a cook out.

I haven’t been feeling well, so I ended up calling out of work sick yesterday, for the first time since September of last year. I slept for about 14 hours, I guess I had a fever because when I woke it had broken and I felt like I had a pillow stuffed inside my head and an elephant on my chest.

I spent the evening with Stephen and Eli at a local strip club; then we cooked out and cuddled up to Night of the Living Dead. When he puts his arms around me and I bury my face in those curls, I feel furthest from the grave and it quiets the constant commotion inside my head. I would never dare tell him how much that comforts me.

Funeral System is playing in South Florida this coming weekend. Stephen invited me to go, but I’m just not in the mood to be around that many people for that extended amount of time. I could probably use a quiet, detoxing weekend in.

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